Our first oranges and mandarines already in the trees!

Our first oranges and mandarines already in the trees!

The constant cycle of nature in our orange trees

Hi again Martirinas followers! Time flies and seasons with it. Although , we might be living in a time where seasons meaning is no longer so precise and we are getting used to the caprices of weather, seasons continue to mark months as they go by, in our daily routine.  Now that we are in that special moment where the Spring is about to end before the Summer starts, we share with you the latest on our oranges and mandarines. A Zen proverb explains perfectly how trees adapt wisely to seasons change, to end up giving us their fruits.

Orange Blossom explosion, with its hypnotic scent and visual pleasure, has helped orange flowers to open themselves little by little until finally falling to earth, before reappearing magically transformed into tiny dark green oranges, scattering all around the trees. This is a magic moment reminding us how continuos or even hectic is the life cycle of nature. In Martirinas family, we have all the energy and willingness to follow it and share it with you.


Already immersed in the coming season, and now pampering our trees

We have proudly  finished harvesting our delicious Lane Late oranges and we are already immersed in preparing the coming season, with little and tiny oranges already in the trees. It is now time to pamper our fruit trees so that they can get all the energy and nutrients that are needed throughout the fruit´s growing and ripening. Tasks such as tree pruning and measuring irrigation frequency according to soil and weather conditions, are now vital.

Charm & Tradition in our orange grooves; a unique experience

Speaking of irrigation systems, various methods continue to be used nowadays in the so-called huertos de naranjos, from the traditional riego a manta (surface flooding) trough canals to the modern drip irrigation systems.  We share these nice pictures of canals transporting water from the irrigation pool to the lower orange orchads. Just imagine how wonderful and unique it is to experience this for one day….Because we all now that even if methods do change, we still love charming traditions that continue to be extremely useful and important these days.

As we always do, we will keep you updated with the latest news coming from the activity  in our huerto. stay tuned to get the latest news from Martirinas ; )